Our Story

The power of a pride. Nemean Services is part of the MITMARK Group; our parent company, with proven track record in digital asset security, laid the foundations to launch us into the wild in 2021. MITMARK’s long-standing relationship with Copper.co propelled Nemean into a new era of Crypto security, providing enhanced digital asset security and recovery services for Copper and their clients. We remain their preferred trusted-third party of choice for many of their products, and have the security accreditations, expertise and hard-earned reputation to back it up. With new Cryptocurrency custodians seeking our services, we will continue to fight for your data security and provide a bastion for your assets in an unpredictable world.

Our People

Our employees are our greatest asset. Nemean integrates military-grade protocols with financial services expertise for enhanced digital asset security and compliance. This distinctive blend ensures not only comprehensive disaster recovery and robust defensive measures, but also proactive threat identification. Our team of experts are as diverse as they are committed to the security of your data. Former Special Forces Operators, Military Officers, Financial Experts and Bespoke-Trained Specialists make up our pride. When disaster strikes, we stick together, and we recover your data.

Our Reputation

The lion does not fear the hyena. Our seasoned team have a proven track record in digital asset storage and recovery. We mitigate risk of scavengers accessing your data and assets. Nemean stands out in its commitment to safeguarding digital assets. With extensive expertise spanning both military and financial domains, the company excels in the creation, storage, security, audit and recovery of digital assets. We come highly recommended.