Above the current industry standard our security procedures ensure your stored assets are impenetrable, giving you peace of mind.


Simplifying complexity. Nemean operates a back-up system of data storage, harnessing the security benefits of the multi-party computation (MPC) model, in conjunction with our clients and custodians.

Proudly sporting ISO 27001 accreditation, and SOC 2 compliance, our processes are designed to follow strict regulatory guidance, adhering to the guiding principle of minimising third-party risk.


Our procedures facilitate the storage of encrypted seed phrase files. We can cold store encrypted file hashes and text files, providing encrypted seed phrase back-ups and recoveries on behalf of our clients. Your seed phrases will be secured, and subsequent assets will be protected by our impenetrable security protocols.


Impenetrable. Nemean uses air-gapped FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encrypted hardware to cold store primary and backup data assets. Primary data storage devices are held inside Euro Grade 1 safes within a specially designed security room with 24/7 monitoring and a suite of preventative, detective, and corrective security controls in place. Back-ups of data assets meanwhile are stored at a confidential FCA-registered facility within a Euro Grade-10 vault.


Secure multi-party computation (MPC) is one of the safest cryptographic protocols for distributing private data across multiple parties. MPC facilitates Nemean to store your private data securely whilst preventing us from accessing your or the custodian’s data. We harness the security of MPC to provide trusted third-party services to our clients and custodians, working on a Majority of Number (M of N) to intervene in the event of digital asset recovery.


Our dedicated team are available 24/7 ensuring that assets are recovered rapidly and your data is secured, best speed.


A lighthouse in a storm. Nemean provide Recovery as a Service; if one of our clients loses access to their private key, Nemean operates a 24/7 service to re-establish the client's access to their data and assets. We will rapidly secure your data to prevent opportunistic malicious third-parties from accessing it.


Plan for the unexpected. Nemean operates as a trusted third-party (TTP) to its clients, under the parameters of an agreement between you, Nemean, and the custodian. We can enable access to your assets in the unlikely event that the custodian is incapacitated or unable to fulfil their custodial duties, providing rapid disaster recovery and quickly securing your assets.


Accomplish your goals, no matter the circumstances. Under prescribed and pre-agreed circumstances, Nemean are able to intervene on your behalf as your chosen trusted third-party to sign transactions or enable collateral movements, utilising the MPC model to support your investment ambitions.


Good to trust, better to verify. All actions by Nemean are preceded by strict ID verification and liveness checks of our clients’ nominated approved users, ensuring that no malicious third-parties may attempt to impersonate you. This ensures that your data and subsequently assets cannot be accessed by anyone but you, and your nominated approved users.


The presence, integrity and security of your data is paramount to Nemean and our data validation processes ensure that the status of your data is always secure.


Our dedicated Account Managers regularly audit the presence of your data, ensuring that it and by extent, your associated assets are secure. You will receive confirmation of these audits as a service.


On a six month rotation, our expert team of Account Managers will diligently, on top of data presence checks, conduct validation to confirm the integrity of your data. We can highlight security issues and resolve them rapidly, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.


As a company policy, and surpassing the current industry standard, Nemean engage a rolling-renewal of all of our encrypted hardware devices and software. This protects your data and associated assets from the threat of emerging technologies that could threaten the integrity of older software and hardware systems. Your data will always be in safe hands.