Insurance Update: Anti-Collusion Insurance Cover At $500 Million Dollars

8th November, 2023

At Nemean, we strive to ensure your data and assets are as secure as possible. Multi-Party Computation (MPC), in conjunction with cold storage, remains the safest security mechanism for ensuring your data and assets are protected. However, despite Nemean's exemplary integrity and excellent reputation in the industry, we acknowledge that collusion risk remains a concern to our clients when using MPC.

Following the result of two years' work, Nemean are proud to announce, in collaboration with Aon, that our clients are now insured for up to $500 million dollars in anti-collusion cover. Believed to be the first insurance policy of its kind, this inter-linking of Nemean's SPECIE policy with the custodian's policy protects your assets in the (extremely) unlikely event of collusion. $500 million dollars represents one of the highest Cryptocurrency insurance policies in existence, giving you peace of mind that your assets are protected, not only by our premium data safeguarding services, but also this huge insurance sum.

For those clients that wish to "ring fence" capacity, the option is available to do so for up to $250 million dollars (or more by special arrangement). Please contact our team of experts to find out more about insurance offers.

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